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Host an EcoMom® Party

Written by Kimberly Pinkson, Ecomom Alliance

Get Involved

There are two ways to be a part of EcoMom Alliance: 1. Join Now to receive monthly updates, information, tips, deals, and inspiration on healthy and sustainable living. 2. Become an EcoMom Community Leader and Host an EcoMom Party. This is an easy way to connect with moms in your neighborhood and share empowering information in a manner as old as time: moms gettin' together to hang out, talk, and support one another.


  • Find A Venue. This can be your home, a local restaurant, yoga studio,community recreation center, or favorite coffee shop. Note: Venue space should be donated and free of charge for you. We can provide you with a 501.c.3 Non-Profit Organization Request and/or Thank You Letter.
  • Pick A Date. Please let us know the date of your event so we can best support you.
  • Set an Agenda. There are many themes to choose from. Pick something that your guests will find relevant and of interest. If this is your first EcoMom Party, we suggest starting with an overview of the EcoMom Challenge, 10 areas in which moms can take first steps toward healthier living. You may also choose to delve deeper into one of the themes of the EcoMom Challenge, or contact us with an idea of your own. You know what your community would respond to best.You can lead the discussion, Kimberly can do an online presentation for you, or we can help you find a locally based, featured guest to invite.
  • Create A Guest List. Invite your community, friends, family, neighbors,co-workers, church members. It is often helpful to integrate an EcoMom Alliance theme into an already existing group activity such as a book club, play group,or moms group.
  • Menu. If possible, provide guests with some organic food and drink. Oftentimes, local farmers and/or grocers will donate food and beverages for your event in exchange for a gracious thank you in front of your guests, or a tax deduction. Local farmers and dairy owners often give great presentations that can become the theme of your event.
  • Promote Your Event. Send out online invitations for smaller events. For larger gatherings, put up fliers, send out online posts to local mom’s groups, and alert local newspaper calendars listings.
  • Ask For Help. EcoMom Alliance will provide informational fact sheets, helpful tip sheets, a guest sign in sheet, invitation template, sample donation request letters, sample press release, sample thank you letter, and logos for your promotional needs. Just tell us what you need.
  • Donations. EcoMom Alliance is a registered 501.c.3 non-profit organization. Checks should be made payable to EcoMom Alliance. Continuing donations help us grow outreach educational programming.
Article Reviewed: June 15, 2012
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Kimberly Pinkson

EcoMom Alliance is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization empowering mothers to create a healthy and sustainable world. Mothers represent a tremendous power as both role models and a market force, representing up to 85% of dollars spent in the United States alone. By sharing information and tools, we can make simple choices in our homes and communities that ripple out and protect our children and our environment for generations to come.
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