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The Ultimate 3-minute Oxygen Booster

Susan Karvelis, Co-Founder & Instructor of Sobe Pilates Gives us 4 ways t incorporate yoga at work

Written by Kelly Taylor

For time-pressed individuals who work around the clock, listen up. This one’s for you. To help improve your mental and physical health, Susan recommends the following tension-relieving yet rejuvenating exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Increase mental alertness and eliminate certain levels of career stress with Pilates lower back exercises:

Step #1 The swinging warm-up:

To relieve tension at your desk.

Stand up with arms and knees loose, lift your arms over your head and swim them down to the floor. Slightly bend your knees, let your upper body hang like a rag doll and swim them back up. Repeat while breathing deeply during movements.

Step #2 Lower back stretches:

Targets key spot for stress in the office place.

Sit at desk and place your back flat against the chair, engage your abdominal muscles by pulling them in and up — holding for three seconds then releasing. Repeat for three minutes.

Step #3 Neck & shoulder stretches:

Relieves built-up stress.

Sit at desk and tilt your head to the right (right ear to right shoulder) without raising your shoulder to your ear. Return to center and tilt to the other direction. Repeat 5 times per side.

Step #4 3-minute oxygen booster:

Yoga breaths of fire flush out excess carbon dioxide, replacing it with energizing oxygen. Sit with your arms stretched out to your sides, and bring your arms up over your head, so that your wrists cross. For maximum oxygenation, breathe through your nose only, inhale and then exhale in 20 to 30 short, rapid bursts drawing in your stomach muscles to force out each burst. Repeat three times, taking a few breaths between each cycle.

Article Reviewed: June 22, 2012
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