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Teens of this generation are having trouble hearing because of their MP3s

Written by Holland Davis, CitiHealth

The baby boomer generation has hearing loss due to the loud rock music concerts of their time. The current generation is having others repeat themselves because of their MP3 players.

High school students are much more likely to blast the volume in their music players, according to surveys from the American Speech-Language Association. The iPods or other MP3 devices flow music through the headphones directly to the ear canal. A CD Player and Walkman do it too, but MP3 players are the most severe because they hold many songs with less recharge time so people can listen for many hours without stopping to change a CD or tape.

The government is even taking a side to this issue. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass) requested the National Institute of Health to research the problematic issued posed by earbud headphones. They responded by saying, “Any type of headphone has the potential to cause [noise-induced hearing loss] if used improperly in terms of absolute level of the sounds, the length of exposure time to sound, and the fit of the earphone or headphone.”

Another issue is the children’s denial. Young people tend to believe that hearing loss is not a serious danger. A study in Pediatrics said that of nearly 10,000 participants, only eight percent considered hearing loss be a big issue. However, 61 percent said they had ringing in their ears or other ear problems after a rock concert. Yet whether the children believe it is a problem or don’t, or whether they have hearing problems after a rock concert or not, they still refuse to turn down the tunes.

In fact, the children’s solution is their dependency on medical research. Deanna Meinke, chairwoman of the National Hearing Conservation Association’s Task Force on Children and Hearing, says whenever she asks kids why they’re not worried about hearing loss, “they say they have faith that medical technology will find a way to restore their hearing.” The kids can’t stop exposing themselves to loud music, even though they know it is harmful.

Parents need to monitor their children’s music intake levels and how much they are getting, because it will be important later on in their lives.

Article Reviewed: February 4, 2016
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