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Twice the fitness, twice the fun

Written by Amanda Moxley | Healthy Magazine
Exercise classes or going for a run with a friend will make you feel better than working out alone.

Making exercise a part of your life can pay off in many ways.

It can make you look and feel better. Take time for yourself to exercise every day and grab a friend to do it with you. Remember, physical activity does not have to be part of a formal program. All you need to do is become more active throughout the day. The benefits of regular exercise are no strangers to you. In fact, one of the most imporant pros to having a consistent workout is that it promotes cardiovascular fitness — that is, it strengthens your heart and circulatory system.

But what about working out with a partner? Recent studies published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters explains that when we exercise,happiness hormones called endorphins are released by the body giving us a natural high, a feeling of elation. To find out if this hormone release is affected by working out in a group, a team of scientists from the University of Oxford measured endorphin production in a group of rowers when they exercised alone and together. Dr. Emma Cohen and her team carried out a pain threshold test before and after the exercise sessions as a way of measuring how much endorphins had been produced.

Endorphins help to reduce the feeling of pain and Emma Cohen and her team carried out a pain threshold test before and after the exercise sessions as a way of measuring how much endorphins had been produced. Their results showed sportsmen to have a significantly higher tolerance to pain after exercising in a group than they did after exercising alone, suggesting that their group workouts led to a greater production of feel good endorphins.

Not only do these results imply a benefit to exercising with others, but they also help to explain why group activities like dancing, laughing and making music make us feel so fantastic. A greater production of endorphins during these activities, suggest the authors, could be a way to help humans to bond in groups and improve social interactions.

Working out with a friend is the BEST way to get in shape. Women LOVE to spend time with their friends chatting and having fun so why not combine their girl time with a fantastic workout to get fit and fabulous.

Getting Started

Before starting an exercise program, you should be in good health. There are programs designed especially for certain women, such as older women or those with health problems. Many health clubs and gyms offer individual training services. You may want to consult a fitness instructor who can set a routine for you to follow under his or her supervision or on your own.

There are also many videos, books, and magazines available on exercise and fitness. They can provide tips on getting and staying in shape.

Article Reviewed: August 25, 2015
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