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This holiday season give the men in your life the total package with a grooming gift set from the award-winning brand, Every Man Jack. Ringing in at just $15, a price that won’t break your budget, the new the Body Kit in Cedarwood and Shave Kit in Signature Mint come with five pieces to fulfill the grooming needs of every man on your list. Affordable, eco-friendly, and chock-full of skin, shave and body products, Every Man Jack has taken the guess work out of shopping this year.

Body Kit in Cedarwood

Body Wash: Every Man Jack’s Body Washes use coconut derived surfactants to cleanse, essential oils to stimulate the senses, marine extracts to soothe and glycerin to lock-in moisture. All scents are derived from natural oils.

Deodorant: Naturally-derived and aluminum-free, the deodorant employs natural odor-neutralizing ingredients like witch hazel extract and cotton to absorb sweat.

Body Bars: The vitamin-enriched Body Bars are made using a 100% vegetable base, which contains no tallow, an ingredient commonly found in other bar soaps. Marine extracts soothe while glycerin retains the skin’s moisture. Scent is derived from natural oils.

Shave Kit in Signature Mint

Face Scrub: Blended together with coconut-derived surfactants that remove dirt and oil; marine extracts and Vitamin E to soothe and moisturize; and polyethylene beads to remove dry and dead skin.

Shave Cream: This rich, low-foam Shave Cream softens and preps the beard hair for a more comfortable shave that won’t dry out skin or clog pores. Squalane, derived from wheat germ, lubricates and softens while olive oil extract hydrates, chamomile soothes and aloe heals.

Face Lotion: The final step to any great shave is moisturizing. Every Man Jack’s post-shave Face Lotion has a non-greasy formula that deeply hydrates and heals dry or razor-irritated skin. Unlike other lotions, this one will not clog pores, and it dries to a matte finish, leaving the face feeling clean and refreshed.

Both the Body Kit & Shave Kit includes a Toiletry Bag, which is the perfect size to fit all the enclosed products that the on-the-go man will need this holiday season. As an added BONUS, the Body Kit includes a Fragrance Free Lip Balm SPF 15 and the Shave Kit includes a Cooling Mint Lip Balm SPF 8. Both lip balms will not only help protect the recipient from the sun, but also prevent and relieve chapped lips all winter long.

Retail Price: $15 per kit, Available at www.EveryManJack.com

Article Reviewed: June 22, 2012
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