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Summertime Emergencies

What to Do When it Hurts

Written by Holland Davis

Summer is here and that means hikes, bike rides and practically everything that is outdoors. According to Shape Magazine, here are tips for the top five summer emergencies and the best ways to resolve them.

Yard work:

Ticks are common and scraping them out with your fingers can affect your body, which can increase your chances of Lyme disease. For ticks, use sterilized tweezers to firmly grab the tick’s head and extract it.

A family BBQ:

Bees can be a real stinger to your party. If someone gets stung, just leave the stinger alone (it will eventually work itself out of their skin), take some Benadryl, and apply an ice pack to reduce the inflammation. A barefoot stroll on the boardwalk: You may love this relaxing feeling, but the hard, dry wood underneath you doesn’t love you back. It gets your attention by splinters, and most people do not know how to properly remove one. One way is to lay a strip of tape over it and yank it out. Another way is to squeeze the spot around the splinter with your fingertips and use sterilized tweezers to grab the tip and remove it.

A swim in the ocean:

With clear, blue waves and a salty ocean breeze, it’s just another beautiful day at the beach — that is until you’re stung by a jellyfish. Immediately rinse the area with ocean water (not tap water) because the electrolytes in the salt with soothe the skin. Later, wash the wound with white vinegar to neutralize the venom. Urinating on the wound is a myth, because the urine will aggravate the jellyfish stingers and will cause it to release more venom.

A hike in the woods:

As all boy scouts know, where there are woods, there is poison ivy. First, rinse with water without any soap. Clean the clothes so re-infection doesn’t occur. Also, cold compresses, oral antihistamines or a hydrocortisone cream will do the trick.
Article Reviewed: January 17, 2016
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