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Here are some ideas to help you overcome your fitness phobias.

Written by John A. Anderson |

Exer-Phobia is defined as the Fear of Exercise.

Yes, it's a word. We just coined it! If you are honest, you can identify what it is about exercise that keeps you at arms length. Here are some ideas to help you overcome your fitness phobias.

You are probably tired of hearing how absolutely fundamental fitness and exercise is to achieving basic and optimal health. You know, already! But what we 'know' and what we 'do' are not always the same things. The question is, why?

Exer-Phobia is real, and it's important to understand your reasons for delaying a fitness routine. Some fear the pain. Others don't want to sweat. Many say they aren't working out because they are afraid they'll look laughable in fitness gear. Some resist change, or fear trying something new. Most who struggle to regularly exercise are just plain lazy. The reasons for our exercise ineptitude are many, and very personal. But, it's time to face and conquer your Exer-Phobias today.

When it comes to fitness, your perception and attitude really becomes reality. So it's imperative to get the right perception and fitness focus if you want to improve your life. It's mind over matter, literally, and you truly have the power to control your body if you start exerting that control today. It's time to banish negative thoughts about your self-image, it's time to build some confidence, and rid yourself of the negative hopelessness that has you thinking you can't lose weight. If you consistently let the echo of exercise ineptitude ring in your ears, you will always feel incapable of exercising, and the result is that you quickly quit your routine. On the other hand, if you're willing to channel your mental power with positive thoughts that you CAN do this, and WILL do this — guess what — you will.

If you're new to the world of exercise, you're in luck. There are oceans of options out there for you. Turn your exer-phobia into excer-education and empower yourself with knowledge. Get online and find dozens of different fitness professionals willing to share some tips and techniques to get you going.

Typically, once you find a source and a routine that you like you will need to buy their materials. There's a lot online, but much of it is teasers, enough to get you to the point of committing and paying for their full suite of materials. But again, start off by trying the workouts from many different websites and see what you like. Besides our own website, which is full of great exercise options, we also like and promote the more popular sites like:

In addition to online workouts, find some fitness DVDs to try at home. You might consider asking friends and neighbors to 'borrow' theirs for a day or so to see which programs, trainers, you like most. Heaven knows we've all purchased a healthy stack of those! At home fitness first is the most basic way of getting the moves down before you try them in a public setting. And don't fret about your family thinking you look like a dolt. Quite frankly—they've certainly seen you look a lot sillier.

About going to the gym.

You're probably a little afraid of that, and you're certainly not in the habit of going. But just go. Do it anyways. Sure, the gym can be a bit overwhelming at first. But you're not alone. Everyone had a first time stepping through those doors. Everybody has felt weird about lifting the weights in front of the muscle men, moving on the elliptical for the first time, or even signing up for a class.

Here's an unfair stereotype of gym-goers, but if you're uneasy about how others there will view you, don't be. People are so focused on what they're doing, they're really not concerned about your novice moves at all. And the great news is that we live in a society that heralds fitness, weightloss and effort. You're actually in good company at a gym, with more support and silent cheerleading than you know.

But, if you're still worried about it, go at a time when the machines are less crowded or meet for a session with a trainer (many gyms offer free introductory training sessions). The important thing is to know that feeling of intimidation will fade. Never be a quitter.

Article Reviewed: January 15, 2016
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