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Spring Workout Mix

Add spring to your step with our warm weather playlist

Written by Mary Coleman & Tiffany Wallace, CitiHealth

To celebrate the weather warming up, we’ve created a playlist perfect for your spring workout routine. To keep it interesting, we listed songs from all decades and genres: from Aerosmith to the White Stripes and today’s Katy Perry. Played back-to-back, these songs playout to about 45 minutes and are best for an upbeat aerobic workout.

Researchers repeatedly find that listening to music can improve performance. Costas Karageorghis and David-Lee Priest, researchers from Brunel University, have spent years studying the correlation between music and exercise. According to their studies, music can narrow attention and distract the mind from noticing fatigue, which allows you to work harder and faster in a workout.

According to a recent story in The New York Times, there is some science behind creating a workout playlist. Try to match the beats perminute (BPM) of your music to your target heart rate. Choose music that is 120 to 140 BPM; most dance music and a lot of rock songs fit well within this range. And if you like some slower songs, just double time it and fit in two steps or reps per beat.

Visit for more new musical inspiration to get you moving.

Article Reviewed: July 11, 2012
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