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The Fat Credit-Card Connection

Written by CitiHealth, Inc.

Oh, the evils of credit cards. Not only do you run the risk of overspending and anxiety from the debt. New news out suggests that these little spenders are actually making us fatter.

When observing the purchasing habits of over 1,000 households, researchers from Binghamton University found that shopping cash helps curb the crave to buy junk food.

What's the connection? Apparently those who present the plastic at the grocery store had a greater tendency to impulsively buy the junk food. Perhaps it's the Popeye-Whimpy negotiation... "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." Makes it easier to down the junk if you don't have to pay for it now.

So, if you want to cut back on the junk, try this next time you need groceries. It's simple. Hit the ATM. According to the researchers, "cash payments are psychologically more painful than card payments, and this pain . . . can curb the impulsive responses to buy unhealthy food items."

Article Reviewed: July 18, 2012
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