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Why Triathlon?

Considering a triathlon? Here's some great reasons to tri!

Women's Tri - the power of women shines through!

"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves"-Thomas Edison

What he failed to mention is that sometimes we don't realize what we are capable of until a catastrophe of epic (oh alright, minor) proportions forces us to. If you've ever been sitting on the fence deciding about this event - sit no longer.

Take a look at these "Why do you tri?" responses:

  • To prove to my husband that I'm strong!
  • What a freeing feeling to have control over the path I will take to be healthy! I can choose to eat right and exercise, or to not do it. I am making a choice for health so that I am around to nurture my most beloved treasures-my husband and children
  • I enjoy the camaraderie of training with friends and feeling the satisfaction of having met the challenge of a tri.
  • To conquer my fears, to challenge myself, for the confidence that I gain when I complete a difficult task
  • It's my first time and I want to challenge myself. I have no desire for a marathon and hopefully this will meet the challenge.
  • I tri because I think I'm the type willing to push the limits of my own abilities. I know what it takes to reach my potential to improve..and it's hard. It hurts. It's not pleasant, but the rewards I reap are unmeasurable.
  • To keep up with my Mom - she's 53 and can run circles around me on a road bike!
  • It has always been a dream of mine.
  • It gives me something to work and train hard for. It is my motivation!
  • I want to feel that sense of accomplishment from completing something physically challenging for me.
  • This is my 1st one. I've always wanted to do it so I set a goal and hope I meet it.
  • To begin leading a healthy life and be an example to my family.
  • It's a great way to keep in shape and cope with stress! It makes me feel good and its a great hobby that my husband and I do together.
  • Keeps me working out so I don't get overweight. It's an activity I can do with my husband to keep us both fit.
  • If you never have a goal in life, how are you to succeed in anything?

The Fans:

  • Triathlon fans are active, well educated, evenly split between genders and encompass all age groups.

Some statistics:

  • 54% of triathlon fans are between the ages of 16 & 34
  • 57% of triathlon households earn more than $43,000 annually
  • 47% of triathlon fans are university educated
  • 63% of triathlon fans have no dependants and a high disposable income
  • 75% of triathlon fans are either white collar workers or blue collar managers.
  • 77% of triathlon fans are active sport participants
  • The majority own their own home & car
  • Most are computer & internet savvy
Article Reviewed: January 8, 2016
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