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The Rise of Medical Spas

Day spas and salons are joining forces with physicians

Written by Dina Fox

Over the past decade the increasingly sophisticated consumer of Orange County has created an incredible demand for "One Stop Shopping". The Spa business is booming and simple facials are no longer the norm. Day Spas and Salons are joining forces with physicians to create an entirely new industry "Medical Spas". These spas offer the very best the cosmetic surgery field has to offer combined with highly effective skin care treatments.

Medical Spas typically offer a variety of services ranging from Laser Therapies, Dermal Fillers, Facials, Massages and Wellness Centers. It is very important that the Medi Spa you choose is affiliated with a reputable surgeon. In many cases the staff and the nurses have been hand picked, and trained by the surgeon. The medical spa industry is highly specialized and the staff should present a level of knowledge and professionalism that you would expect to find in a physician's office.

When you are considering a procedure at a medical spa whether it's lip enhancement, foto facials, or botox, there are steps that should be taken to ensure your safety. You should expect to fill out the proper medical forms. A medical consultant should review all of the pre- and post care instructions with you prior to treatment. All of the potential risks and side effects should be reviewed, and you should have a clear understanding of the procedure. Ask the consultant questions, ask the nurse questions. Who is the medical director? What is his specialty? What kind of laser is being used (brand name)? Who will be performing these services? What happens in case of a complication? These are all questions that are OK to ask.

How wonderful it is to have non-invasive medical services performed in a relaxing, elegant and tranquil setting! The highly skilled medical professionals of the industry take great pride in providing these services to you. No matter where you go, do your homework, familiarize yourself with the procedures and have a great Medical Spa experience.

Article Reviewed: August 1, 2012
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