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Just Say Spaah....At Home

Bring the spa to you with a spa-stule master bathroon face-lift.

Written by Aubrey Taylor

Oh, the luxury of the day spa. Calming aromas, nature's serene soundtrack, rich natural fibers, and of course the pampering treatments. But trying to schedule a spa appointment between kids, grocery shopping, career goals and date night, well, you know the story. Instead of spending time—and money—at the day spa, many women turn to at-home spa treatments.

A seemingly perfect solution. You can enjoy the same treatments (minus the massage.grumble) at a lower cost, in your own home on your own time. It sounds ingenious until your crèmes and scrubs get crammed into a shared vanity in an already cluttered bathroom. Somehow it's not the same "at-home spa experience" you imagined.

This Mother's Day, instead of (or, in addition to) giving mom just one day at the day spa, give her a lifetime of spa luxury right at home. A master bath face-lift will make her feel like a pampered queen every day, even if she's just brushing her teeth. It's the Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving.

Here are 4 expert tips to turn an outdated master bath into a modern spa sanctuary:

Ambiance | Soothing is (a) a calm beach; (b) a lush, tropical rainforest; (c) a wooded forest; (d) something entirely different. Decide with your spouse what scenes from nature speak serenity to you; choosing a spa theme is your first step toward success.

Textures & Details | Natural, natural, natural. Accents such as bamboo rods, grass, fanning leaves and smooth rocks are popular details in day spas. Like a quiet nature walk, they evoke serenity and create a sanctuary from daily stress. These natural elements will also guide your color palate. Another spa staple: aromatherapy candles. Use different heights of pillar candles placed on a square plate decorated with smooth stones for a classic spa look. Bath towels should be quality cotton in whites or beiges, without decorative embellishments. Let your theme guide the details.

Granite & Stone | Want an instant face-lift? Update your bathroom floors, countertops, tub surrounds and backsplashes with granite or stone—the Botox of bathroom treatments. Imagine—if you can—a bathroom without dated tiles and dingy grout. Imagine a tub surrounded by rich granite and a dual headed shower with gorgeous stonework visible through a glass door. This will not only instantly modernize your bath, it will also add an ambiance of luxurious class. If you don't want to take your granite for granted, focus on the tub surround and its steps, and the shower. Stonework in these areas brings instant spa appeal.

If the idea of resurfacing evokes the words "demolition" and "remodel," don't fret. Hip companies like Granite Transformations measure, engineer and build new granite and stone surfaces (even floors) to fit right on top of your old surfaces. They are installed without demolition in as little as one day.

Color | Day spas rely on three main color schemes: 1) Whites with beige and dark brown accents (desert); 2) Earthy greens with white and dark brown (forest); and 3) Sky blue, beige and brown (beach). Your theme and stone choice will dictate your colors, but keep them soft and natural.

Local Resources:
Granite Transformations of Salt Lake City
615 W. 9400 S., Sandy, UT

Article Reviewed: August 1, 2012
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