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Editor's Note | Bonus Days

Written by john A. Anderson

Every once in a while, step outside your busy life and look around. Take notice of others around you. Observe. When you do, you will see some pretty amazing things. And you may feel elated just to be alive.

This month is, of course, breast cancer awareness month. In the process of deter-mining what angle to take this year, I once again came across a simple, yet powerful story of survivorship. Maybe it's because I know Janie James, but her experience with breast cancer deeply touched me, causing me to step back in wonder. I can't stop repeating her words — 'Every day is a bonus day.'

Sometimes it's easy to get our priorities derailed. So much of our daily lives matter, but it can be difficult to ferret out the part of our daily lives that matter less. But just the thought that today is a 'bonus day' can quickly prioritize things. If today is a bonus, then our thought shouldn't be to just get through the day, but rather, what can I do with this day? So many great opportunities are sprinkled amongst the details of daily life, and if we don't pay attention to little events, we end up missing the opportunities.

So, what do we do with today? This question gets at the heart of our ultimate happiness. The focus on our daily activities — at work, at home — shouldn't be so much on what we are getting, but what we are becoming. Getting and becoming are in- iertwined because what we become largely inflences what we get.

Daily 'becoming,' or personal development is the real key to our success, and our station in life rarely exceeds our daily personal development. One of life's great mantras is this:

'To have more than you've got, become more than you are.'

If we don't treat each day like a bonus, focus- ing on our personal development — on what we are becoming, the opposite will come true: 'Unless you change how you are, you'll always have what you've got.'

Each day we are becoming something. Smarter. Smoother. Faster. Funnier. Happier. Healthier. (Hopefully). And yet, there are those darn statistics that keep saying we are not getting healthier. Heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and, of course, obesity, are all on the rise. And so many of these rising health indices are behavior based.

Behavior is choice and effort — or lack of effort. We can choose to exercise or choose to be sedentary. We can choose to become more fit or more fat. We can choose to become healthier. We can choose to treat today like a bonus and become more than we are.

Choose to step outside your life for a moment. In fact, choose right now to just step outside. Go ahead. After all, today is a bonus day.

Article Reviewed: January 1, 2016
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