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3 Simple Steps to Getting into Your Pants — For Good!

From the author of Getting Into Your Pants

Written by Dr. Leslie Van Romer
Welcome aboard America's diet-go-round, one which you may have ridden a few dozen times before. You plan, measure, count, weigh, sacrifice, deprive, starve, crave, sneak (as if you can really sneak from yourself), and guilt. You beat yourself up (you're a master at that). You lose. You gain. You lose. You gain. You lose. You plateau. You plateau. You plateau and, f-i-n-a-l-l-y, you lose — a pound. Then you go to a friend's house for dinner and gain two pounds back.

Then you keep gaining, pound by pound, until you're right back where you started, or even heavier. You get depressed, frustrated, and feel like a hopeless failure, one more time. You give up — what's the point? No matter what you try, nothing works — for good.

You vow to ban diets forever, until that next quick-fix, fat-melting, no-fail diet comes along, appealing to your sense of desperation to be slim and luring you into believing that it would somehow be different from the dozens of diets you tried before. You climb back aboard the diet-go-round, going round and round, with the scale going up and down, and ultimately up — and your hopes spiraling down one more time.

The good news is: you didn't fail; the diets failed you! Most diets-of-the-day are designed to fail. They restrict, deprive, and literally starve you — of calories and nutrients — and are temporary at best. Who can follow strict food laws and eat baby-size portions forever? Apparently, almost no one.

Ditch the diets and feeling down in the dumps. With doable direction and hope, you can shed those layers while building your health. It's as simple (not necessarily easy or quick) as adding 10+10 and following these three steps: Add, Stop, and Wiggle!

Step 1: Add

Add and fill up first on the best-for-you foods that give you the most nutrition for the calorie buck: 10 fresh fruits and 10 different vegetables every day. Instead of fretting about what you "have to" give up to lose weight or to promote health, think about what you "get to" add to your day — fresh fruits and vegetables — your weight warriors and health heroes.

No one ever said that beef, poultry, pork, pasta, dried-up boxed cereals, brown-colored white bread, milk, cheese, or processed and refined foods prevented cancer or any other life-robbing disease. Yet we center our meals on those very foods. Why? Because our mothers and our culture taught us to eat and love these foods, and we still love to eat these foods.

Are you really ready to get into those pants? Fill up on the foods that give you the most nutrition for your calorie buck — fresh fruits and vegetables. Then eat other foods. And yes, it's that simple if you can get your head and old habits out of your way.

Check out a 10+10 day. (Be sure to ask your doctor to monitor you if you have health concerns.)

For breakfast, add and fill up on fresh fruit. No, a half a banana, blueberries on dried-up cereal, or strawberry jam on toast is not enough. Graze on fruit all morning long. Be sure to eat enough to fill up and be satisfied. That could be four to ten whole fruits.

For lunch, add a large green-leafy vegetable salad with 10 different vegetables, such as green-leafy or romaine lettuce, spinach, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, red or green cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and avocado. Just like the morning fruit, eat enough salad to fill you up, way more than that puny side of iceberg lettuce with a slice of tomato and cucumber. Use a no-oil, no-dairy commercial dressing or finely chopped avocado, half a fresh lemon, and balsamic vinegar or a vinegar of choice. Stir very well so the avocado coats the salad.

Voila! It's only noontime, and you've already added up 4 to 10 fruits and 10 different vegetables, and you have the whole day to go.

For snacks — you will be hungry about two to three hours after your 10+10 salad — add fresh fruit, cut up vegetables, and a small amount of raw, unsalted nuts and seeds.

Even though dinner is the most challenging meal to shift from the standard dinner fare to vegetable and plant based, 10+10 makes it workable for you and your family. Simply eat in order of the best-for-you foods first: 10-veggie salad, next steamed vegetables, third a more filling vegetable, like potatoes, yams, or winter squash (nix the butter and sour cream), topped with pureed avocado and tomato, fresh salsa, or stir-fry (in water) veggies. Or, instead of the potato or yam, fill up on a whole grain dish, like brown rice, and/or a legume dish, like black beans, kidney beans, lentils, or split peas.

Bingo! You've hit the 10+10 jackpot!

If you still want that traditional beef, chicken, fish, or pasta after the first three dinner selections, go ahead. You'll automatically eat less of the high-calorie, high-fat, and/or high-cholesterol choices without feeling deprived or hungry.

For beverages, which typically add up to at least twenty-five percent of total calories consumed, not to mention caffeine, sugar, and chemicals, drink water and homemade fruit and vegetable juices.

Step 2: Stop

Stop eating when your brain says, "I'm full." That's before your stomach begs for mercy. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, somehow that flashing neon light "Enough! Stop Eating!" is easy to ignore when food tastes so good. Remember — this is not your last meal (hopefully). When you get hungry again, do the novel thing — eat! Just make mindful choices.

Step 3: Wiggle!

Give yourself wiggle room — we all need that. If you are a mere mortal residing on this planet, you are not perfect and will never be perfect. So follow the 80/20 Rule. Eighty percent of the time, when your life is routine at home or at work, plan ahead and fill up on whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with sprouts, whole grains and beans, raw nuts and seeds, and homemade fruit and vegetable juices.

Twenty percent of the time, whether it's a birthday, Sunday brunch, or get together with friends, wiggle! Just be sure you don't wiggle too much, or you won't lose that jiggle.

Keep in mind, wiggle for you may be different from someone else's wiggle. Wiggle for a raw foodist may be eating steamed broccoli, for a no animal product vegan — potatoes fried in olive oil, and for a vegetarian — cheese.

So there you have it — Add, Stop, and Wiggle your way into those pants and most importantly of all, feeling good about you!

"The only slip-up is to give up."

— Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is the author of Getting into Your Pants and its companion workbook, Getting into Your Pants PlayBook. As author Dr. Susan Smith Jones says, "Dr. Leslie reads your mind and sees into your soul, helping you shed the layers and your insecurities right along with it. She makes you dig deep and lifts you up, empowering you to believe in you. You can do it."

Dr. Leslie can be contacted at, or .

One can't put forth their B game when they are attempting to lose those pounds - one needs to put forth total effort or it simply is not going to work. "Getting Into Your Pants: Add 10+10 for Life!" is a deftly composed and easy to follow dieting guide to help anyone start to shed those pounds - and unlike most fad diets, it promotes a change that will push readers to not lose them for a few months but to keep them off for their entire lives, avoiding the up and down hilly slope so many advertised diet plans promote. "Getting Into Your Pants: Add 10+10 for Life!" is highly recommended for community library collections dedicated to health and weight loss and for anyone who, as the title says, wants to get into those pants.

Article Reviewed: January 3, 2016
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