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Beautiful Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Patients with implants can eat what they want and smile with confidence

Everyone wants to be able to eat comfortably, and enjoy a beautiful smile. Historically tooth replacement, of one or more missing teeth have been restored with bridges requiring tooth structure removal or plastic dentures. Millions of dollars have been spent and are being spent every year by Americans for adhesives to hold dentures in place and avoid embarrassment during eating and speaking. Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for new teeth, which look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Patients with implants can eat what they want and smile with confidence.

Dental implants are small titanium fixtures or cylinders, which are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Implants can make plastic dentures fit tight and function more like real teeth. Some patients desire to have all of their diseased teeth replaced with implants. This can be accomplished in a few appointments and will provide the patient with a healthy beautiful smile.

People have missing teeth because of excessive dental disease, trauma, or birth anomalies. There are also many cases where bone under dentures has become deficient. Bone and the adjacent soft gum tissues can also be implanted or transplanted making almost every situation treatable.

Dental implants have become cost effective; and although conventional dentistry to replace teeth may be slightly less expensive, the patient immediately feels the esthetic and functional superiority of implants. Potential risk by grinding on healthy teeth for bridges is also eliminated. The life span for most dentures and bridgework is only ten to twenty years. Implants preserve bony structures of the jaw and face and can last as long as natural teeth.

Implant surgery is generally simple. Patients have these things to say after their procedure:

  • 'There was little discomfort'

  • 'The procedure was fast and almost pain free'

  • 'My teeth feel like a natural part of me'

  • 'I can smile, chew & speak with confidence

  • 'I wish I would have had implants sooner'

Dental implants are changing the way people live. People are rediscovering comfort and confidence. They eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life. Since the 1980's dental implants have had a very highly predictable success rate. And it is generally apparent that they will last as long or longer than the natural dentition. They're reliable, there is lack of decay, and periodontal disease can be avoided by regular checkups with the dentist. The American Dental Association considers oral implants an excellent option for tooth replacement.

Some common asked questions about oral implants:

1. Will my teeth be beautiful and feel natural?

Implants look and chew more like real teeth than any other tooth replacement.

2. At what age can implants be used for missing teeth?

Ages of about 14 to 99 and above can have dental implants to replace missing teeth.

3. What health factors being present in my body could cause implant complications?

One should consult their physician and their doctor of dentistry to establish the safety of surgical intervention for missing teeth. Health conditions such as Osteoporosis, blood diseases, cancer, and any immune deficiency disease must be evaluated before implants can be considered.

4. Will my dental implants require maintenance since they don't get cavities?

Dental implants must be maintained, as are the natural teeth. Minimally on a 6 month basis.

5. Will dental implants stop me at the airport security or at the entrance of events that require electronic security?

No, in cases where many implants are used and would be a problem, which is very rare, a duplication of the x-ray with a statement by the doctor should be in the patients' possession. This is also necessary in other orthopedic part replacement such as artificial knees and hips.

Dental implants are state of the art replacement for one or more missing teeth and dentures. They are safe, they are cost effective, they provide comfort, esthetics, and they restore proper facial contour and function. Dental implants provide young people who are born without teeth the benefits that are enjoyed by the rest of the community their age. They improve the taste of our food and allow us to speak and laugh naturally. They are a long-term solution for our missing teeth and they improve the quality of life.

Again and again we find that people who feel good when they look in the mirror have measurably greater self-esteem, they find better positions in the work place, and they change from the ordinary to the extraordinary person who each one of us really is.

Article Reviewed: January 8, 2016
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