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Spring Into Cleaning

Household chores that help you burn more.

Written by Tiffany Wallace | Healthy Magazine

It’s finally spring. Time to open the windows, feel the warm air, smell the cherry blossoms and do some deep cleaning. It may not sound like fun at first, but if done right, you can actually burn quite a few calories while cleaning your home.

“When you clean, you are up on your feet, walking back and forth, climbing up and down, lifting and carrying, says fitness coach Denise Hall, “This is the perfect set up for a great work out.”

We’ve complied a list of tips to get the most out of your spring-cleaning time. Keep in mind these chores are most affective if you really get moving! So turn up the music, dance around and dramatize everyday movements while cleaning. You’ll see results for both you and your home in no time. Assuming a weight of 130 pounds, the calories burned per hour for each exercise is listed. Source:

Make your bed: 59 calories

Doing this little chore every morning can help you start the day by burning a few calories. Want an extra little workout? Changing your sheets every couple weeks will help you burn even more.

Dusting: 89 calories

Dusting can be one of those things we put off for weeks, but since you’re doing a deep cleaning, why not make the most of it? “In yoga classes there are several poses that have you raise your hands over your head and stretch up as tall as you can,” body transformation coach Amanda Moxley says. “You can do similar motions while dusting. Be sure to alternate dusting with your right and left arms as well.”

Clean the bathroom: 165 calories

Being the least favorite to clean, why not try and finish this one as fast as possible? Give yourself a time limit, and quick-clean till your time is up. Be sure to scrub the floors on your hands and knees instead of a mop to put in some extra effort. You’ll be amazed how quickly you start breaking a sweat and see sparkling clean tile again.

Vacuuming: 148 calories

Instead of standing in one place and moving the vacuum back and forth, try walking with the vacuum as much as possible. “If you’re really getting into it, and you’re using all your vacuum extensions and vacuuming the stairs, that can also give you a workout,” Moxley says.

Sweeping and Mopping: 136 calories

Founder of the total wellness program “Transform,” Angela Martindale says she loves taking a break from cleaning the floors to use a broom or mop stick for shoulder presses and lunges.

“The slower the motion, the more intense it will be,” she says. “If you’re looking for more of a cardiovascular workout you can do them a little bit faster.

Do the laundry: 77 calories

“You will be surprised when you feel like you just ran a marathon from merely running up and down the stairs a few times with heavy loads of laundry,” Hall says. If you’re sitting down while folding your laundry, this is a good time to stretch out your muscles.

Work on the yard: 89 calories

While being outside when the weather is good is a natural immunity boost, “Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and organizing the garage can lead to some serious calorie burn,” Hall says.

Article Reviewed: April 5, 2016
Copyright © 2015 Healthy Magazine

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