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The TV Obesity Connection

Every hour in front of the television trims 22 minutes from your life.

Written by Healthy Magazine |

We all love TV. It's a societal mainstay, and the primary source for our information these days. But all things in moderation: In a study at the University of Vermont, overweight participants who cut their daily TV time in half (from an average of 5 hours to 2.5 hours) burned an extra 119 calories a day. And a recent study of people who successfully lost weight found that 63 percent of them watched less than 10 hours of TV a week. Want more? A study in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine reported that lean people have an average of 2.6 television sets in their homes. Overweight people have an average of 3.4. Finally, if that's not enough motivation, researchers in Australia recently projected that every hour in front of the television trims 22 minutes from your life. Gives new understanding to the land down under!

Article Reviewed: June 14, 2013
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