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Internet Keep Safe Coalition Launches Generation Safe to Promote Cyber Safety in Schools

Utah is the first to roll out Generation Safe as a state-wide digital citizenship program

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), a nonprofit international alliance of policy leaders, educators, advocates and corporate partners, today announced the launch of Generation Safe. A digital citizenship and cyber incident management tool for K-12 schools, Generation Safe is now available to all middle and junior high schools in Utah. Supported by the Utah State Office of Education, this program is the first statewide effort in the nation to give teachers and administrators the skills to be cyber aware and cyber capable. The program focuses on prevention, detection, intervention and incident response management.

Generation Safe will launch in Utah’s public schools on December 8 with an event at 9:30 a.m. at Oquirrh Hills Middle School, located at 12949 S. 2700 W. in Riverton. Jaclyn Leavitt, founder and chair of iKeepSafe, and former First Lady of Utah, will be joined by Natalie Allsop, an Oquirrh Hills IT class instructor. Allsop will demonstrate, iKeepCurrent, one of the tools of Generation Safe and engage middle school students in a discussion about cyber safety.

Generation Safe is the only scalable, cloud-based system of its kind that helps schools holistically integrate digital literacy into their curriculum and policies. Its features help educators in K-12 schools navigate the digital environment to identify and be prepared for cyber safety incidents, reducing risks for students, educators and institutions. This system complements the Utah State Office of Education’s current offerings to students.

“In today’s digital-heavy environment, our children are using the internet more than ever. With this increased use comes increased risk of cyber safety instances,” said Leavitt. “Generation Safe brings together all the stakeholders: youth, educators, schools and families. It empowers schools to truly protect themselves and their students online by creating a framework that supports digital citizenship and fosters safe online practices.”

The Generation Safe suite is designed to guide users through all phases of managing a digital safety incident. It features a training program for educators as well as:

  • iKeepCurrent NewsFeed, a weekly source of headline-inspired curricula and professional development mixed with fresh, entertaining content to ignite discussion between educators and students.
  • Professional development and resource library, which compiles the most current and outstanding resources for educators and students in order to teach youth how to utilize new media in safe and healthy ways.
  • Generation Safe ™ 360 Self-Assessment ™, which is an online tool that provides a review of the school’s e-safety competence. It identifies areas of concern, makes recommendations for improved e-safety readiness and helps schools evaluate compliance with e-safety policies.
  • Incident Response Tool with Flowchart, which guides administrators through all steps of incident management: fact-finding, asking the right questions, documentation, reporting, engaging the appropriate schools officials and other stakeholders, as well as outreach to parents, students, and staff. It helps assure the best outcome for the victims, perpetrators, and bystanders of cyber incidents.
  • A digital citizenship and social-norming guide, which helps stakeholders identify appropriate digital behavior and threats to students using connected technologies.

For more information about Generation Safe, or to schedule an interview at the launch event, please contact Jamie Stum at (714)-702-0486 or or visit

About iKeepSafe | Generation Safe is produced by the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), an alliance of more than 100 leading corporations, policy leaders, educators, law enforcement members, technology experts, public health experts and advocates. The organization applies recommendations from these experts, then develops and distributes K-12 educational materials designed to help students and educators navigate today’s digital-rich environment. The Internet Keep Safe Coalition promotes positive digital citizenship through internet safety education, industry partnerships, policy outreach, public-private partnerships and international efforts. For more information, visit

Article Reviewed: June 15, 2012
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