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8 Tips to Make Traveling Fun

Whether you are renting an RV for a cross-country trip or catching a flight to a far-off destination

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Packing a bag and hitting the road with family is always a fun and exciting adventure. It's also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Whether you are renting an RV for a cross-country trip or catching a flight to a far-off destination, it is always best to plan ahead. Here are 8 suggestions for smooth sailing.

Allow your family to help plan the trip.

This can be fun for everyone, and starts things out with a united effort toward a common goal.

Have an itinerary.

Whether it's a simple list of activities that you and your family plan on doing after you arrive or flight information, It can help you stay organized.

Bring easy to carry snacks or transportable picnic lunch.

All parents know that kids can get hungry fast. Bringing snacks and drinks can keep pit stops to a minimum and put money back in your pocket.

Organize your bags ahead of time.

Packing the night before the trip will help you to remember what you need, and helps to speed the traveling process.

Bring activities for long road trips or flights.

Puzzles, magazines, coloring books and/or a CD or DVD player can help ease the tension of a long trip and calm anxiety.

Stop along the way.

Take some time to see sites and capture the memories. Depending on where you are, and if you're driving through new and fascinating territory, this can be exciting for the entire family. Don't forget to take pictures of famous or unique landmarks or scenery.

Expect the unexpected.

Being prepared for road blocks ,will prevent unforeseen events from spoiling your fun. For example, bring extra batteries, a first-aid kit, garbage bags for dirty laundry and a couple of rolls of quarters just in case.

Bring a camera and don't forget the charger.

You'll want to remember these Kodak moments years from now, so don't forget to bring your camera. If you don't have one, you can purchase a disposable one at the nearest grocery or convenience store. Many waterproof cameras can capture pictures that most digitals can't.

Article Reviewed: November 20, 2013
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